sábado, julio 15, 2006

I want 2 fly away 4ever

It a lonely time of the essence of the sky, I was watched by the angel of disappearance, who by covering me with it wings, took me high up farther than the sky's limit, to meet my own future: Death. I asked the angel to forgive the lost souls that had in time hurt my life and to bring me down way below the earth to face the fear of despair. The angel reached out for my hand and when I tried to hold on to it, I fell down and woke up in my bed. The city was the same outside my window the people were rushing out beneth the city's little dark circle of monotony. And I was up again to follow the same fear of being lonely. This same dream I have every nigh, when looking for a way out of this world I pray for something different, and when I wake to see reality it makes me want to fly away and never come down again.

lunes, julio 10, 2006

Un pensamiento en el Verano!

En la plena oscuridad del dia,
nadie habla con el estraño corazon del viento,
que en una noche de verano intenso,
te impulsa a escribir algo hermoso
acerca de todo lo que en la vida
se ha hechado al pozo de la incertidumbre infernal,
de escribir sin palabras lo que la vida no puede gritar.