martes, enero 30, 2007

Structure of Love

At the begining there is nothing,

a playing field without players,

a nightmare without sleep,

a princess locked up in a castle,

whithout her hero nor a prince.

At the begining:

A song, the sun

a love that needed to grow

hands that were held together

and eyes that just seem to not close.

A moon shinning brighter,

a paradise of perfection,

an arbitrary sense in which love was not being labeled.

At the middle an armor,

a cause that had no bad consequence to the eyes

that blinded by togetherness

believed in boddies that had no control

in the questioning of the confusing truth

of who to belong to.

At the middle:

A passion, an uncontrolable soul.

a peace pact made in heaven,

that hell was not able to touch.

Looks, mirrors

that after a while broke down into pieces of wisdom.

At the end a place to suffer, a place to regreat.

A piece of heaven and hell living in earth itself.

The meaning of it all had no meaning at all.

At the end:

Clearness, sadness;

tears that by themselves found their way down someone's face,

out a heart, poured by the eyes that express the sentiment

in which no truth lies.

Una Lagrima...

En el lino transparente de la oscuridad

de la noche que cubre la luna,

se ve que cae una lagrima

sola y desamparada.

Nadie la detiene, nadie la ampara.

Todos la dejan caer al hoyo oscuro, al final;

sin nisiquiera pensarla.

Al final un vacio; una voz que la llama,

pero ella se toma su tiempo

recorriendo las almas.

Todo empezo con un amor

que por felicidad lloraba

y la lagrima por alegria caia

pintando una bella cara.

Luego en medio de angustias y desesperacion,

la lagrima caia por desamparo y desamor.

Ahora recorre el camino de la decepcion

y asi como ese amor empezo,

asi de facil, junto a la larima se desvanecera

y el tiempo los olvidara.